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Welcome to Smiling Dog Creations

Smiling Dog Creations are specialists in the supply of sarongs and other clothing made from high quality cotton and rayon using the Indonesian Batik process.

We specialize in the supply of genuine Batik Sarongs and other clothing handmade from quality cotton using the traditional Indonesian Batik technique of wax-resist dyeing.

Our Batik is drawn by hand in Indonesia for our sarongs, and a handmade copper stamp is used for the designs of our fabrics and clothing. We produce our own designs directly in many Indonesian locations including Yogyakarta, Solo and Bali.

We guarantee high quality hand made products at affordable prices delivered to your door world-wide.

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Batik Sarongs by Smiling Dog Creations

A complete range of quality handmade Batik Sarongs

Perfect Fashion for Walking Your Dog

Smiling Dog Creations perfect fashion for walking the dog